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Sanding Machines

Make : XTG

Power: 3.0HP

Motor Speed: 1400rpm

Price :Kshs  360,000 ONO

Floor Sanding Machine
Make: HTG
Country of Origin: Hongkong
Power Rating : 2.2 Kw (3.0 Hp)
Voltage Rating: Single Phase 240V
Size of the Drum: 30 cm (300mm)
Accessories: Dust Bag, 2 sets of Drum Rubber, Spanners

Floor Scrubbing Machines

Make : Masterclean

Power: 1.5HP

Motor Speed: 1400rpm

Price :Kshs  100,000
Multi function Scrubbing Machine.
Make: Masterclean
Model: HT-002
Power Rating: 1100watts
Voltage Rating: 220-240V
Speed of Rotation: 175 rpm
Length of the power cable: 12m
Diameter of the Base Disc: 17 inches
Net Weight: 48kgs
Body Material: Cast Iron
*Complete Handle
*Water Tank
*Floor Brush (Hard Brush)
*Carpet Brush (Soft Brush)
*Pad Holder

Electric Terrazzo Machines

Make :Locally Fabricated

Power: 3.0HP

Motor Speed: 1400rpm

Price :Kshs  90,000

Electric Terrazzo Machine characteristics: 1. Locally Fabricated. 2. Made of Steel for durability. 3.Fitted with 3.0 hp , 1400 rpm 100% Copper Wound Motor with Cast iron body. 4. Duty cycle rated to work 8 hrs per day. Accessories : 1.Grinding Disc 2.Mudguard 3.Fitted with 10 meters of cable

Scrubber Drier

Make Hao-Tian


Roating  Speed: 175 rpm

Price :Kshs  250,000
Make: Hao-tian
Model : XD2A

Technical Specifications:
Voltage/Frequency: 220-240V/50Hz
Width of Suction Head: 770mm
Scrubber Disc Diameter: 455mm
Scrubbing Brush Motor Power: 1100watts
Scrubbing Brush Pressure: 30kgs
Suction Motor Power: 1000watts
Power Cable Length: 18 metres
Working Width: 455mm
Clean Water Tank Volume: 35 litres
Waste water Tank Volume: 18 litres
Cleaning Speed:
Body Weight: 69kgs

1 PC Scrubbing Brush

Carpet Extractor

Make Hao-Tian


Capacity: 40 Litres

Roating  Speed:

Price :Kshs  60,000

Vacuum Cleaners Motors

Type :Double Fan Wet & Dry

Power: 1200 Watts

Roating  Speed:

Price :Kshs 3,000

High Speed Burnisher

Make Hao-Tian


Roating  Speed: --rpm

Price :Kshs  80,000

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